How To Make and Sell Your Own Tabletop Game In 30 Minutes

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Session Type: 30 minutes talk

A rapid-fire beginner-friendly A-to-Z panel on how to create and sell tabletop games immediately with minimal tools and training, and make it a fun, impactful experience for people to play.

Speaker: Ben Chong Xue Ren and Samuel Mui
Speaker Profile:

Ben Chong is a recognised Malaysian game designer who specialises in creating and publishing tabletop roleplaying games. His inspirations pull from intimacy, relationships, conversation and everyday magic to create immersive, impactful games. He also works as a lecturer in KDU’s Bachelor of Game Development (Hons) course. As a designer, Ben holds the highest number of published tabletop games in Malaysia, has been featured on international media, and spearheads local efforts in teaching tabletop game design.

Samuel Mui is a Malaysian game designer, writer, and artist who creates and publishes tabletop roleplaying games amongst other things. His games revolve around exploring interpersonal relationships, intimacy, introspection, and mental health (and sometimes involve wizards and alcohol). He was recently hired by the Jeffrey Sachs Center on Sustainable Development in Sunway University to work on a yet-to-be-revealed tabletop game project. Additionally, he is an active participant in the local tabletop community and has held many public games as well as several workshops. When he’s in the mood, he also runs a cheeky lifestyle podcast or two.