Music and Audio, Crafting Your Soundscape

Speaker 1
Session Type: 30 minutes talk

A brief insight on the importance of good audio in your media and how it affects your product.

Speaker: Elmer Ho Lok Zhan
Speaker Profile:

A music composer and educator with box breaking ideas, Elmer specialises in audio for film and video games.

After some time working at a local post-production studio doing foley, sound design and composition for TVCs and films, he left for Tokyo and became a Digital Media producer in Roppongi. There he worked closely with artists, seiyu, talents, composers, local musicians and YouTubers in projects by Konami, Capcom and Ikea, to name a few. At the same time, Elmer took on various side projects such as visual novels, promotional videos, YouTube productions and so on. During his time in Tokyo, Elmer was a representative at events such Tokyo Game Show, YouTube Space Tokyo and judged various competitions such as the Yokohama Idol Competition.

He joined SoundtRec as a Music Composer in late 2017 soon after returning from Tokyo where he produced music for events such as Level Up KL 2017/2018 and was involved with audio in video games as well as films and various other productions such as Jingles, Short Films, Theme Songs etc.. Beginning in 2018, he visited universities giving various talks, workshops as well as a TEDx talk. He would then later be part of several award winning projects as a music composer/sound designer and a music production assistant on a featured Nintendo Switch game.

Elmer works closely with independent game producers, education partners, incubators and various production studios in running projects to assist in maximizing the potential of the local industry.