Ideas of creation is around us!

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Session Type: 30 minutes talk

Ideas of creation is around Us! is a session whereby, sharing the flow through the presenter experienced. Narratively, when talking about to get inspirational in creating or innovate, ideas are come from the closest one. Is in your circle, your observation during traveling or daily commuting, your listening, and even during watching movie or netflix. This session will show you the route to impossible to become possible by tackle the essence in the creation into execution.

Speaker: Muhammad Johar Bin Jaafar
Speaker Profile:

Muhammad Johar Jaafar is a technopreneur who love to explore and share his knowledge with others. Inspired by two tech tycoon, Bill Gates and Jack Ma, he started his journey to find solution for community and mankind. He has had a long path in IT ever since he was 8 years old and his first language was Cobol. His educational background is Major in Network. He was an owner of few startups and now he is an owner of a small agency called Next Wonder House.