Diving into the IT Security scene

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Session Type: 30 minutes talk

As we are getting interconnected with each other in the digital world . The needs for specialist in the IT Security industires rise exponentially. Unfortunately with the rise of sophisticated technology didn`t come without consequences. People got hack simply because they installed that "Smart Fridge" in an insecure manners. Despite the bleak hope, the demands for IT Security specialist never drops. So how does one enter into the scene? Does one need to join in the classic hacker group culture and shou 'Hack the Planet or Acidburn? Perform Unauthorized security testing? My talk will cover on how to join into the IT Security Industries, the learning curve and challenges involves in it and few programs that we can participate legally (for fun and profits!)

Speaker: Muhammad Shahriman Samsudin
Speaker Profile:

Muhammad Shahriman (GPEN) is a well known network security pentester/researcher in Malaysia. His hacking knowledge and reputation is known when he won the Uitm International Hacking Competettion continuously from 2006 untill 2008.His exclusive jobs allow him to experiment with all kinds of hacking tools and techniques during the penetration testing. If exploits for certain vulnerability is not available off the shelf, he just write his exploit on his own. He also have passion for teaching and have taught on Network Security inside and outside the country. He runs his own blog where he posted up his tools and research such as “Hunnybunny a remote shellcode Launcher”, “Twit2bot a SMS twitter based botnet”, “Bypassing Antivirus using Stealth Meterpreter”. Currently working in SG