Annual Gathering of Tech Enthusiast, Innovators, Makers

30th June 2019, Ideal Convention Center (IDCC), Shah Alam, Malaysia

35 Days
17 Hours
50 Minutes
39 Seconds

About The Event

InnoFaire is an event for tech enthusiast, innovators and makers to showcase their work, and share knowledge. We provides a platform for these people to connect, showcase, share, and compete among their peers in a national scale. We focuses in putting forward amateur innovators and students who are beginning their journey, and help them turn their hobby into profession. We wish to bring out and highlight hidden talents in Malaysian community so that it will encourage more people to start building and innovating in the grassroot level.


Ideal Convention Center (IDCC), Shah Alam, Malaysia


30th June 2019

AI Battleground


AI & machine learning is bringing information sciences and physical sciences closer together and we believe that self-driving car would be an excellent entry platform for new talents to develop their capabilities in AI, machine learning, IoT, software engineering and hardware engineering.

The competiton will be running for 48 hours, where on the first day, competitors are given a unit of Raspberry Pi smart car kit powered by Noahcar. Competitors are expected to develop, train and apply machine learning knowledge to train their cars to race against each other on a tournament on the 2nd day.

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Innovation Talks


Innovation flourish in a community that share knowledge with each other. The Innovation Talks section is a mini conference that focuses on:

  • Experience sharing in methods of creating products / innovations
  • Experience sharing in commercialization or monetizing or funding products / innovations
  • Hands-on workshops in creating products

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Maker Zone


Modelled based on doujin booth of our sister event, the Maker Zone is an exhibition/booth area where budding innovators, enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs are given opportunity to showcase their work and also sell them. The goal is to bridge innovators from amateur hobbyist to the path of professionalism where they start earning from the work that they enjoy.

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Event Schedule

12:30 PM to
1:00 PM

How To Make and Sell Your Own Tabletop Game In 30 Minutes

Ben Chong Xue Ren and Samuel Mui

Conference Room

1:00 PM to
1:30 PM

Honey, There is a Python in my Android Phone!

James Ing Wei Tang

Conference Room

1:30 PM to
2:00 PM

Ideas of creation is around us!

Muhammad Johar Bin Jaafar

Conference Room

2:00 PM to
2:30 PM
2:30 PM to
3:00 PM

Diving into the IT Security scene

Muhammad Shahriman Samsudin

Conference Room

3:00 PM to
4:00 PM

Recording Meetup for the Greater Good (workshop)

Chee Leong Chow

Conference Room

4:00 PM to
4:30 PM

The Junior Developer’s Survival Guide

Mohammed Fazalullah Qudrath

Conference Room

4:30 PM to
5:00 PM

Music and Audio, Crafting Your Soundscape

Elmer Ho Lok Zhan

Conference Room

Event Venue

Event venue location info and gallery

Ideal Convention Center (IDCC), Shah Alam